LEVENBERT develops a 3-year strategy for IPA Oman

LEVENBERT Consulting has concluded a project to define the strategic intent and formulate a three-year strategy for the Institute of Public Administration in the Sultanate of Oman.

Led by the core consulting team in LEVENBERT, the project included five workshops with IPA’s top management and middle management, conducting interviews with stakeholders and clients, as well as focused information gathering activities using methodical tools.

The new strategy for IPA is formulated in harmony with Royal Decree 28/2016, and entails a number of Strategic Goals in six pillar areas, with Strategic Objectives that are linked to specific initiatives for the IPA to execute over the coming 3 years. The strategy will be put in action and will span to deliver desired results to position the IPA as an enabler for national development and a supporter to the government by 2020.

The strategy focuses on the employment of new technologies in learning and development, the adoption of new learning models to accelerate the process of capacity building for different government organizations, as well as the diversification of IPA’s services to include consulting, coaching, knowledge publishing and transfer.

It is worth mentioning that IPA plans to launch its first batch of initiativesas of Q2 2017.