CATALYST Innovation Labs

LEVENEBRT is the partner organizations seek, for the development and implementation of strategically aligned, innovative, and world-class innovation lab solution.

We are LEVENBERT, where innovation is created

Innovation laboratories are an important way to develop and generate ideas to come up with innovative solutions to a problem and development of programs and strategic initiatives. The ways and means of implementing laboratories vary globally. This difference is reflected in the quantity and quality of results achieved at the end of these laboratories. To support and cope with continued development – internally at the company and externally with our partners – LEVENBERT has developed an advanced methodology for innovation laboratories and workshops management according to the best international practices; under the name of “CATALYST”.

  • Awareness

    To sensitize the participants and the target audience about mechanisms of implementation, roles and scope, and to explore opinions on issues, ideas and challenges.

  • Engagement

    Engage stakeholders to ensure the quality of outputs and outcomes and commit to supporting innovation and implementation.

  • Innovation

    Manage Laboratory activities and panel discussions to generate creative ideas by applying techniques to inspire ideas and innovation engineering tools.

  • Implementation

    Develop interactive summaries of ideas and final outputs and draw an implementation road map for the purposes of documentation and implementation support and follow-up.

Areas for conducting “CATALYST” labs

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