Government Consulting Firms In GCC & Middle East

At Levenbert, we genuinely believe that government sectors have a massive role in improving the Middle East’s economic and societal situation. Our mission statement is to work hard to bring a considerable change to the larger society. We encourage you to join forces with us so that our collaborative effort can ultimately result in a significant positive impact on society.

Our zest for perfection and attention to detail often results in superior performances, which we use for inspiration as we work in the government sector consulting industry. We have our working beyond stretched far wide with government sectors being diverse and plenty. You can expect an end-to-end service from us that can contribute to your aim for influencing millions of lives around the GCC and Middle East.

Cities & Infrastructure

We provide services to various corporate entities and firms actively involved in developing the overall infrastructure of underdeveloped cities. Our useful resources can help you in encouraging growth while not abandoning social sustainability altogether.

Our team takes every potential threat and challenges during the planning phase to start on the best foot. With us, you can expect industry-level knowledge and experience in planning, developing, and operating city-infrastructure projects.

Defence & Security

You can remain assured that you are getting rich experience and best-in class knowledge for the job by approaching us. We provide all necessary assistance for improving conditions across regions and functionalities. We look to optimise your efforts by yielding the maximum out of digital and analytics so that there is a widespread improvement. Furthermore, you can also expect digitisation of government actions for increased productivity.

Digitals & Analytics

Extending the conversation forward, our aim has always been and continues to be a vital cog in the overall process that will improve society while encouraging the company for superior productivity. Furthermore, we also help improve your decision-making by leveraging data and advanced analytics for yielding superior accuracy and effectiveness.


We are also working with academic bodies and non-profit associations with the sole purpose of educating the forthcoming population to focus on improving living standards, apart from focusing on their professional commitments exclusively. We have collaborated with former teachers, researchers, and policy-makers who contribute to developing risk aversion initiatives for any potential threat in the future.

Parting Thought

We can proudly state that government sector consultants are on a steady rise in recent years. This has led to more and more government sectors partnering up with us to fight some of the world’s most challenging social issues. Our innovative approach for addressing societal issues makes us stand out from the rest in the business.

We prefer working on complicated problems that you might be facing in your bid to reform the society and the environment. A well-informed foresight will compel you to consider us an appealing prospect for government consulting. If still interested, make sure you visit us today. Rest assured, our value-added service will help you to accelerate your ambition and work process further.