Comprehensive Contact Center Development

LEVENBERT is a consultancy firm and implementation solutions provider. Levenbert has extensive experience and detailed knowledge of customer service and Contact Center best practice, implementing both to international standards.

Methodology Highlights

LEVENBERT, through TELECOMM Services, has designed a state of the art approach to contact center development. This is called the “C3 Methodology”.
The C3 Methodology consists of 7 steps; Status Quo Evaluation, strategy formulation, facility planning, technology Integration, processes engineering, people development and finally the stage of going live.

Status Quo Evaluation

At the outset, LEVENBERT expends time and effort to fully understand the needs of the corporation – not least the reasons they sought to develop their Contact Center.
One of the most important steps is the assignment of a Contact Center Development consortium. This is a cross-functional team that includes stakeholders, executives and the contact center management along with LEVENBERT’s experts and consultants. This team will be involved throughout the contact center development in order to ensure it is integrated into the overall corporation strategy.

Step 1

Strategy Formulation

The formulated strategy will define the contact center business objectives and functions. This will include its vision and mission, its target customers, contact types, access channels, required resources, Key Performance Indicators, competition and, most importantly, the contact center’s performance targets.

A vital aspect of the strategy formulation tackles the feasibility of the contact center in terms of financial, operational, technological and environmental aspects.

Step 2

Facility Planning

The facility component is essential and requires meticulous planning. When selecting a site for the contact center, factors such as cost, availability of infrastructure and workforce pool should be evaluated.
After the site is selected, the contact center floor plan, the workstation design, the surrounding environment and security aspects are examined and designed.

Step 3

Technology Integration

Technology is the backbone of the contact center, and it consists of 2 aspects; hardware and software.

  • Hardware entails laying network cables, routers and switches, the installation of servers, the computers and headsets for the workstations.
  • Software is increasingly the focal point of today’s contact center. The applications essential for any modern contact center include.

Step 4

Process Engineering

Designing and documenting the contact center processes are essential as they will guide the entire workflow of the contact center, effectively and efficiently.

Contact centers have internal and external processes.

Step 5

People Development

People are the pulse of the contact center, and represent the entire corporation.
The people component includes organizational structure design, recruitment and selection strategy, training, career path plans, performance management strategy, motivation and retention plans, and appraisals.

Step 6

Stage of going live

As part of its comprehensive C3 Methodology, LEVENBERT offers corporations with ongoing consultancy services and solutions, even after their contact center has gone live. This includes transferring project knowledge, integrating the contact center within the corporation, the marketing and branding strategy, customer experience management, and monitoring the contact center performance and operations through mystery calls and surveys.

Step 7

Customer service models have evolved over time and are taking new shapes with the introduction of “Omni-Channel” Contact Centers. Historically, businesses in general and telecoms in specific have moved along a development journey when it comes to building and managing Contact Centers. Moving away from the Voice as the Only-Channel in the older days; businesses have adopted On-line Models, Blended Models, Multi-Channel Models, and then landed today at the Omni-Channel Service Model which has included almost every possible channel of communication with the customer in an integrated and coordinated matter.

LEVENBERT has developed the Comprehensive Contact Center Development Methodology (C3) that is used to develop Comprehensive Contact Centers that are using the Omni-Channel concept. For more information on our C3 Methodology please watch this video.

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