LEVENBERT and Saudi Post concludes Phase Three of the “Strategic Transformation Support” Project

LEVENBERT and Saudi Post have successfully concluded Phase Three of Saudi Post’s “Strategic Transformation Support Project” that aimed at helping Saudi Post to put its transformation strategy into action. The strategy when it is fully implemented will transform Saudi Post to work entirely on commercial basis and will transform Saudi Post Establishment into an investment conglomerate in logistics, technology, and postal services and will have its independent investment and operational arms incorporated using different pro-growth alternatives including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and partnerships.

Phase One of this strategic project started in 2012 with a comprehensive review of Saudi Post Strategy, defining crystal-clear objectives and setting KPIs for a 3-year period that spans from 2012 to 2015.This phase also included the establishment and staffing of Saudi Post’s Strategy Management Office (SMO), devising its objectives, and developing its operational framework that has enabled Saudi Post to head in the right direction. Saudi Post’s SMO was also empowered to be in charge of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Strategic Initiatives of Saudi Post’s Strategic Plan.

Building on the successes of Phase One, the Second Phase of the project started with a corporate-wide awareness program for Saudi Post, Capacity Building Program for the SMO staff, and an exercise to make sure that the Strategy, Process, People, and Technology are all aligned together in order to develop a state-of-the-art SMO which also had a specialized Project Management Unit as a technical arm to follow on the progress of all projects related to the Transformation Strategy.

Phase Three was launched in June 2014 to develop a full-fledge Corporate Performance Management System for Saudi Post using the Balanced Scorecard tool. The phase lasted for 18 months and resulted in the development of all processes, tools, and templates required to implement BSC in Saudi Post. This phase also included capacity building for more than 300 executive staff members in Strategic Management including the processes of Strategic Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Evaluation. BSC tool was successfully implemented and cascaded into the top 3 layers of the corporate.