Shipping And Logistics Consulting Services

Historically, freight and logistics have been a shifting and fragmented industry domain. It relies heavily on materials demand and GDP. At Levenbert, our shipping and logistics experts collaborate with companies across the logistics value chain. We help modern-day organisations to develop and anticipate result-oriented strategies. Our consulting services can make your company’s supply chain flexible, which would allow you to comply with customer demands.

The wave of digital disruption is redefining the logistics industry. Also, the industry is facing increasing market volatility because of the entry of digital players. What’s more, these digital players are emphasising agile business practices that permit carriers to collaborate directly with customers.

In other words, there would be no intermediaries present if this trend continues for a long time. So as a freight and logistics company, you must transform fast to tackle these types of threats. Our logistics consulting services GCC  would assist your organisation in creating value from data-driven insights and process efficiencies.

Our Primary Areas of Expertise

Being one of the shipping and logistics consultants in GCC and the Middle East, we possess immense expertise in logistics consulting and transportation services. Here are some of our few areas of expertise where we are always committed to helping you with.

  • Optimisation of fleet and network
  • Labour Relations
  • Strategies to retain customers
  • Fine-tuning your company supply chain

We work along with freight and logistics firms at all levels of the organisation. Our logistics consultants would also help you realise the full revenue potential associated with your logistics chain. When logistics and freight firms are in need of game-changing strategies, Levenbert helps them by developing alternatives that reflect rigorous analysis. Our logistics and freight strategies can help you maintain a flexible supply chain all across the GCC and the Middle East.

Customised Logistics and Warehouse Optimisation Programs

Are you fully exploiting the potential of your logistics infrastructure? Are you aware of the strategies of potential savings with your existing storage capacities? In case you are not mindful, our warehouse optimisation program would help you achieve efficiency. Our warehouse optimisation programs are highly customised in nature which would help increase the quality of your services. Levenbert’s result-oriented strategies will help you greatly to expand your business operations in the UAE and the Middle East.

By collaborating with us, we ensure that you stay competitive by following a neutral and manufacturer-independent procedure. Some of the essential factors of our warehouse optimisation services are as follows:

Identification of Cost Drivers
At Levenbert, we design effective strategies for the entire supply chain or the individual areas of your warehouse. In this manner, we will help you to recognise the cost drivers easily. 

Use of Advanced Tools
We always take a bird’s eye view of your logistics chain. We also use the latest tools and methodologies to deliver on our promises.

Decreasing Length of Routes
When you need to move fast, long routes can be a real pain. We create effective picking strategies that help in the overall reduction of shipping routes.

Freight and logistics consulting services in the Middle East

So what are you waiting for? Increase the sustainability of your supply chain across the Middle East with us.