Marketing Management Master Model

LEVENEBRT is the partner organizations seek, for the development and implementation of strategically aligned, innovative, and world-class marketing solutions.

Methodology Highlights

LEVENBERT’s marketing services are built on 7Ps of the marketing mix, which lay the ground for international best practices in marketing management and assure that our solutions are comprehensive and accurate.







The talent, experience, capabilities and accumulated knowledge that shape LEVENBERT today, have leveraged our ability to create our own marketing development and implementation methodology. The Marketing Management Master Model (4Ms) is spread over four phases, each comprising of specific implementation steps, bringing together the result-oriented solution to existence.
The 4Ms methodology starts with the:

  • Assessment phase

    This begins by formulating the project’s steering committees and executive management teams who will review the organization’s structure, vision, mission, direction and services, in addition to reviewing current marketing structure, functions, roles and responsibilities.

  • Development phase

    Our consultants develop strategies and their proposed blueprints and roadmaps, awareness approach, departmental structure, risk management factors, the overall functional plan and its initiatives, Key Performance Indicators and milestones, as well as structuring a corporate-wide reporting system. A ready to go comprehensive plan is presented at the end of this phase for the next phase in the 4Ms methodology.

  • Implementation phase

    Which is initiated by establishing a marketing management office, within the organization that will act as the central entity, to oversee the whole implementation process and assure its timely and cost-efficient execution. As the developed plan enters into effect through the use of precise marketing tools and channels.

  • Evaluation Phase

    In addition to the ongoing monitoring application, that revises the implementation and allows for preventive and corrective actions, this phase includes a thorough comprehensive evaluation that assesses changes and readiness within the organization and its target markets, the marketing department, the plan’s reach and effectiveness, returns on investment.

Marketing is becoming more important as organizations around the world fiercely compete to develop products and services that differentiate them, making of marketing a need for organizational success and one of its vital factors. Modern marketing evolved into a complex function where strategies need to be formulated within a comprehensive framework. This will allow for creating innovative marketing mixes, tools and channels; which will all deliver the best results for the set objectives, through effective and efficient implementations, continuous monitoring and evaluation.

LEVENBERT has developed a Marketing Management Master Model that can be followed by different organizations looking for success in their marketing endeavors. For more information on this model, please watch this video.

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LEVENEBRT is the partner organizations seek, for the development and implementation of strategically aligned, innovative, and world-class marketing solutions.