LEVENBERT and Saudi Ministry of Health Launches “Rabet”as a Brand of Saudi e-Health Program

LEVENBERT and the Saudi Ministry of Health has successfully developed, launched, and communicated the Saudi e-Health Transactions Program’s brand: “Rabet”. The development and communication of the brand took place over a journey of 24 months and stretched to reach out to more than 2300 governmental health service touchpoints in the Kingdom.

“We have provided MOH with unparalleled services during this project” Mr. Ahmad Al Raie, LEVENBERT Consulting CEO said. “We have strived to develop a brand that will make the difference for the MOH e-Health Services in Saudi, a brand that will involve MOH staff, stakeholders, and customers together; and will make them share the same values and understanding of e-Health benefits to the community.” Al Raie added.

LEVENBERT’s deep understanding of true customer service, customer-centric organizations, and marketing services for the governmental sector has enabledthe consulting firm to work hand in hand with the MOH as a partner to build such brand. LEVENBERT has devotedits best-in-class marketing and branding consultants for this very important project.

From his side, Mr. Saad Al-Ajlan, Director of Marketing and Electronic Communications at MOH – eHealth Project has stressed the importance of this project for the Saudi MOH by saying “We aimed at benefiting from the world’s leading examples in e-Health Branding and Marketing initiatives. We have teamed up with LEVENBERT Consulting as we believe they are really capable of transferring the know-how to our team who will keep on promoting the brand for the coming years”, Al-Ajlan explained.

It is worth mentioning that the project consisted of eight separate, yet integrated phases; where the brand was designed, developed, and tested before it was launched in 2015.