LEVENBERT launches the second phase of “Himam Leadership Development Program”

LEVENBERT Consulting has launched phase two of Himam, the Leadership Development Program that is targeting high-ranking executive staff.

The second phase will span for one year, and is aiming to develop the leadership and management skills of more than 350 executive staff members of different clients . With great focus on modern leadership competencies and skills, the program aims to equip the participants with what is required for the development of strategy, operations, and activities in the coming two decades.

The program for the second phase was carefully designed to focus on a number of pillars such as “The Fourth Generation in Government Excellence Criteria”, “Continuous Improvement of Working Practices and Personal Efficiency using the Japanese Business Philosophy KAIZEN”, “Innovation Leadership and Management”, as well as “The Strategic Leadership Personality”. During the second phase, the client will be amongst the first institutions implementing the 70-20-10 learning methodology that is focused on putting the knowledge and the skills attained during the program in the workplace.

It is worth mentioning that phase one of the program was concluded in 2016 and has targeted 62 top leaders who were exposed to different topics including “Leadership Personality”, “Strategic Leadership”, “Leadership Communications”, “Leadership Influence” and “Leadership Innovation”. Phase one was concluded by identifying a number of strategic leadership initiatives that are focused on modern and disruptive technologies.