Building Corporate Culture

4×4 Methodology is immersed into corporate strategy, it is comprehensive; Top-to-Bottom, it is structured into clear interconnected phases with a clear roadmap and measurable effective outcomes.

Methodology Highlights

LEVENBERT’s 4×4 methodology is based on 4 axes and carried out on 4 phases. These 4 axes are the People within the organization starting from the Top-to-the Bottom

Putting gear-1 on

“Leadership illuminates the vision to the road of change and instigates the spirit of the corporate culture”.

Putting gear-2 on

“Executives patronize change and prepare the suitable environment for the organization to get on the road”.

Putting gear-3 on

“Managers take the next step for internalizing the corporate culture by leading their teams towards achieving its vision”.

Putting gear-4 on

“Employees buy-in the vision of corporate culture in order to reflect the Character of the organization to its customers”.

When implementing corporate culture programs two other targets emerge; Neutral and Resistant.

Putting gear-N on

N: “N which symbolizes inactivity and refers to employees who are not ready for change and do not respond to the corporate culture strategy and initiatives”.

Putting gear-N on

R: “R which Symbolizes going back with the corporate culture initiative and refers to employees who resist change, do not believe in corporate culture and stand against it”.

Building Corporate Culture and Managing Change in different organizations is essential in today’s business environment that is witnessing massive changes and disruptive technologies that are reshaping the world.

LEVENBERT has developed its own Change Management and Building Corporate Culture Methodology (4X4) to help organizations face the challenges in today’s world. This methodology can also be used in any developmental project to ensure its successful implementation. For more information on our Change Management and Building Corporate Culture Methodology please watch this video.

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LEVENBERT designed its state-of-the art 4×4 methodology for corporate culture implementation.