Real Estate Consulting Services

Real Estate ConsultingAt Levenbert, we provide in-depth analysis and research to explore any real estate property viability in GCC. Furthermore, we advise comprehensive and specialised suggestionsfor buying, selling, or investing in real estate properties. We use digital analytics and metrics to determine underlying insights, which can, in turn, help our clients to close complex real estate deals.

Professional Negotiation Skills

The real estateconsulting team at Levenbert is highly skilled and has rich experience in the real estate world. We help our clients by using our hard negotiating skills to crack the right deal for the property. Whether you are investing or selling a real estate property, you will require a competent professional with elite negotiating skills.

We have the right individuals who will use both smooth talk negotiatingand hard nose bargaining, depending on the deal’s dynamics. Furthermore, we have a complete understanding of the market, a great asset, genuine estate.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Proper Contract Handling

Real estate property deals are serious business, and those involved in those property deals must have the necessary skills to handle contract papers. At Levenbert Middle East, we make sure that your contractual affairs are attended with complete transparency and attention. Our experience and knowledge of the business allow us to iron out all the complexities in contract papers. Regardless of whether you are selling or buying any property, we provide absolute assistance so that your contract doesn’t miss out on anything.

Locality Knowledge

You might need real estate properties for a variety of reason, starting from residential purpose to commercial use. Each property type comes with its own set of requirements. While it becomes hard for the layman to measure out the pros and the cons, we at Levenbert can help you. Our in-depth knowledge and understandingof the business will help you consider conditions like geographical locality and commuting options. This additional data will ultimately contribute to you making an informed decision on your real estate property.

Market Conditions

If you are not an avid real estate aficionado, it’s impossible for you to keep up with the property market’s fluctuating behaviour. And without a thorough and complete knowledge of the market, it’s not recommended to do any deal. By choosing us, you ensure that you are always up to date about trivial but essential information like average per sq. ft. cost, the average market price of similar properties, and much more.

Post Sale Handling

Contrary to the general perception, your involvement with the law is not done away with the completion of your real estate purchase or sale. There are often some final stage formalities that remain pending and can only be attended once the deals are completed. While you might not be aware of your responsibilities, we will provide the necessary support in managing the paperwork.

Parting Thought

So if you are looking to buy some high-class real estate property around the GCC, and Middle East or aiming to sell off your property to generate a hefty sum, visit us today.