LEVENBERT Consulting joins hand with the “Consultative Council of Sharjah” to develop its strategy

LEVENBERT Consulting and the Secretariat General of the Consultative Council have joint hands to develop the Council’s and the SG’s strategy and action plan.

Engaging its strategy team, LEVENBERT Consulting have conducted a number of joint events with executives from the Secretariat General including some interviews with Consultative Council members to better understand the future requirements of the Council and its Secretariat General.

The strategic plan has focused on supporting the Council and the Secretariat General to develop the parliament performance by focusing on the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the development plans at the Sharjah Emirate level.

The strategy also focuses on building the capacity of both the Council and its Secretariat General in an effort to support both bodies apply and compete on Global Excellence and Quality Awards.