LEVENBERT delivers Riyadh Municipality’s Long-term Strategy(Riyadh 2032)

LEVENBERT Strategy Team has successfully delivered a corporate strategy for the “Riyadh Area Municipality” – (2032: Riyadh-Al’insan-Walmakan).

The Riyadh Municipality Strategy Project aimed to develop the first-ever, 20-year corporate strategy for Riyadh Municipality and its 62 sub-municipalities operating in different cities of the Riyadh Province.

The project objectives were totally achieved by the end of the project, where the consulting team has successfully achieved a number of milestones including the formulation of a 20-Year Corporate Strategy for the Riyadh Municipality, preparation of an implementation road map for the strategic initiatives, preparation of a detailed work plan for Year 1, establishing an Office of Strategy Management, and building the capacity for the Strategy Management Office staff.

When the strategy is fully executed over the coming 20 years, Riyadh Municipality shall be regarded as a “High-performing, Human-Centric, and Self-Sustainable Municipality”. This vision represents the 3 strategic priorities of Riyadh Municipality.

The project that lasted for 12 months was completed through a number of steps that included Preparation and Mobilization, Raising Awareness, Current State Analysis, Benchmarking, Gap Analysis, Scenario Development, Strategy Formulation, and Implementation Plan Development. This was followed by establishing the Office of Strategy Management and building the capacity for its staff.

Several benefits of employing LEVENBERT for this project were realized by Riyadh Municipality. We believe that the most important ones were LEVENBERT’s ability to create a strategic planning framework and approach, involve all management levels of RAM in the strategic planning process, engage different stakeholders in the strategy formulation, create a strategy orientation and awareness amongst staff, and enable RAM to explore new horizons for growth and sustainability.