Government Consulting Services Oman

Government Consulting Services OmanNo doubt, government agencies are the key to economic and societal progress. We provide government consulting services to drive scalable changes in society. We combine a highly collaborative model with insights from our experienced consultants.

This is the reason that we are able to facilitate an approach customised to the requirements of each client. Our work spans various public sectors in Muscat, Oman. What makes us impressive is that we function from end to end.

From diagnosis of the issues to delivering lasting impact, we help governments to execute their projects. Our consultants facilitate quality services to help improve the overall lives of people. Levenbert collaborates with national and regional governments along with government-controlled firms.

What are the Capabilities of our Programs?

We all know that the influence of the public sector through government firms and institutional funding. Also, this sector is facing various types of challenges like rising costs and increasing deficits.

Moreover, the infusion of stimulus funds and regulatory reforms has diminished the differences between the public and private sectors. At Levenbert, we work with bold and ambitious leaders who want to address these critical challenges.

Our reform programs can improve performance and assist public sector companies in Muscat, Oman, to function better.

Government Consulting ServicesWe help with Economic Development

We can help a government company to foster economic development.  Note that our economic development strategies leverage the power of markets in the Middle East. We also emphasise business enterprise models to develop job opportunities and bolster the economic growth.

At Levenbert, we also support non-profits who seek to bring development to their respective communities. We concentrate on rigorous analysis to help your company drive change. Here are some of the areas on which our economic development focuses on.   


We ensure that government firms can execute entrepreneurial activities within their domain of operation.

Integration of Workforce

We ensure the proper integration of the workforce in government and government-controlled companies.

Sustainable Development

We collaborate with non-profit forms within the public sector to preserve our earth’s natural resources.

Collaboration with Investors

We help government companies to collaborate with investors so that there is a greater flow of financial resources in the economy.

We Bring Changes in the Public Sector

Social insecurity and unemployment are the two menaces that need to be encountered properly. At Levenbert, we help create opportunities that fuel growth. Economies across the world need to create jobs to keep pace with development.

We help governments plan for this change by inducting custom-made programs to hasten innovation. In short, we are ideal in generating employment prospects for the future generation. We also help government agencies to develop international trade partnerships and facilitate negotiations. With our deep experience, we can recognise frameworks to improve the trade balance.

At Levenbert, we also help with the creation of entrepreneurship abilities. We help design strategies and recognise the initiatives to create next generation entrepreneurs. Contact us today to know more about our capabilities.